Welcome to the ABS  Application Portal




Welcome to the ABS Application Portal


Please complete all sections of the application. All information entered, including uploaded files, is saved automatically. Required materials must be uploaded in the application. The Office of Admissions does not accept mailed or emailed materials.

NB: You may require the following documents to complete the application Certificate,Transcript, CV, copy of a national ID, Passport size picture

Personal Background

Admission is offered to qualified students without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, national origin, political beliefs, veteran status, or disability unrelated to job or course of study requirements.

Size 35mm x 45mm | Required format jpeg, jpg, png

Biographical Information

Emergency Contact

Employment History

Institution Attended

Document Uploads

Please upload a scanned copy of your transcript and certificate from this institution. Your scanned document may be large and may take several minutes to upload depending upon the speed of your connection.
Please upload a copy of your original certificate. Required Format.pdf .jpeg .jpg .png
Please upload a copy of your original transcript. Required Format.pdf .jpeg .jpg .png
Please upload your CV. Required Format.pdf .doc .jpeg .jpg .png
Copy of any National ID card e.g. Passport, Voter's ID etc. Required Format.pdf .doc .jpeg .jpg .png
Please upload your passport picture. 35mm x 45mm | Required Format.pdf .doc .jpeg .jpg .png

Additional Documents

(Optional) Required Format: PDF or JPEG.


First Referee's details

Prof, Dr, Mr, Mrs, etc

Second Referee's Details

Prof, Dr, Mr, Mrs, etc


This section is for interested individuals you know who have a 1st degree qualification from an accredited University/Institute or any professional qualification deemed equivalent to a first degree, with at least two years relevant work experience.


I hereby certify that the information contained in my application is accurate, complete and honestly presented. I also certify that any information submitted on my behalf, including letters of recommendation, is authentic. I authorize all persons and entities herein named to provide information to the Accra Business School, or its agent(s) to verify any aspect of my application and/or my credentials for admission. I understand and agree that any inaccurate information, misleading information, or omission either in my application materials or in other publicly available sources of information for which I am responsible will be cause for the rescission of any offer of admission, or for discipline, dismissal, or revocation of degree if discovered at a later date. This application is my own, honest statement.

I am aware of the information here about how Accra Business School uses sensitive personal data in the admissions process. By submitting my application, I consent to ABS’s processing sensitive personal data about me in order to evaluate my application for admission.

Review and Submit

You must complete all sections of the application following your application submission. Please review the entire application to ensure it is complete and final. Once you click Submit and make Payment, you will be unable to update or edit any section of the application.

Required Field or Error: Required Information If your application is missing required information, one or more error messages will appear below. You may not be able to submit your application until this information is added.


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