What do I do before Graduation? 

Registration for Graduation starts on : 20th July, 2024.

Registration fior Graduation closes on : 17th July 2024 (10PM GMT)

Register for your ceremony

A step-by-step guide to Graduation registration sent to your mail will help you through the whole process.

Registration is opened now and closes on 17th July, 2024 (10 PM GMT).

All eligible students will be emailed when booking is open. If you are expecting to attend graduation and have not received an email by ending of 17th July 2024, contact the Graduation team.

If you miss the deadline to register, contact the Graduation team to enquire about late registration.

Guest Information

Adult Guests

  •  All guests are required to be seated 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.


  • Unfortunately, children below the ages of ten (10) are not allowed to attend the graduation ceremony.

Extra Tickets

  • Apart from the one free guest ticket, any extra tickets come at a cost (This cost is stated in the registration form).
  • If extra tickets become available in a specific ceremony, the Graduation Team will allocate these extra tickets strictly in the order specified by the waiting list.
  • We will try our best to allocate more tickets but please beware that students only receive one or two tickets each.
  • On the day of Graduation, some additional tickets for ceremonies may become available. These are given out on a first-come, first-served basis, and cannot be reserved in advance.

Returning guest tickets

If you are unable to attend the ceremony, please let us know as soon as possible to enable us re-allocate your guest ticket.

NB: Guest tickets are not transferable and will be invalid if given to another student. 

Get Your Academic Robe

In keeping with the academic nature of the occasion and ceremonial tradition, all students attending graduation must wear the correct academic robe.

Gowns can be collected  from our campus from 3rd June to 17th July 2024  from 9 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday and they are to be returned by 25th  July to 13th  August 2024 at 5:00 pm.

Graduates will be made to pay 200ghc each day if the gowns are not returned on the given date and also pay 1000 ghc in the case of misplacement, burnt or destroyed from its original state.

Dress Code

Graduation is a formal occasion and you should wear smart clothes for your graduation ceremony; jeans and trainers are not acceptable.

Please ensure you wear appropriate footwear as graduation day can include significant periods of standing and walking.

Plan your Travel and Accommodation
As soon as the date and time of your Graduation is confirmed, you may want to start planning your Travel and Accommodation.

There is a range of accommodation options at the graduation Venue.

Travelling to the Graduation Venue

Click for Directions

Parking on Graduation Day
On Graduation day the parking zones are lifted, and visitors can park in any standard marked space (including staff parking).

Please note that parking on Graduation Day is limited, and while we make every effort to accommodate our visitors, the campus can be very busy. Make sure to give yourself time to find a space, or consider taking public transport to campus.

On your arrival into the Car Park, please follow the directions of the parking marshals who are in place to safely direct you around the venue and into a parking space. On parking, please ensure that you have occupied a marked-up car-parking bay, or have parked where directed to by the marshals.  Parking on Graduation Day is free.

You may wish to drop off guests at the graduation Venue and then park in another available space.

Graduation photography and memorabilia

Professional Portrait Photography
Accra Business School’s Creative Studio is the official Graduation photographer.

In-ceremony photos
During the ceremony, our photographer captures the moment when you shake hands with the Presiding Officer. 6×8 prints are available to view and purchase after the ceremony.

Before / After Ceremony Photos

You will also be expected to take individual photos before the ceremony. NB: Duration for  Individual  photography: 1PM to 3PM on the ceremony day.

Your class will gather for a group photograph after the ceremony. 

Ceremony recordings
ABS’s ceremonies are professionally captured and recorded. If you wish to purchase a recording of your ceremony as a keepsake of your day, the Media Team will be available to showcase the range of products available.

You can order a specially mastered ceremony USB recording which will arrive 4 weeks after the ceremony.

Accra Business School memorabilia
There is a wide range of memorabilia available to view online and purchase from ABS. The items available include diaries, mugs, key-holders, T-shirts (lacoste) etc.

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