Bishop  Gideon Titi-Ofei



Long term democratic stability hinges on rapid economic development led by the strong private sector. So to sustain the emerging democracies in Africa, we need to develop a new breed of business leaders, educated to global standards who can create jobs, increase incomes, and reduce poverty.

So when we realized that business education in Africa is not producing job creators, but job seekers, we decided to create a Christian Business School named after the historic city of Accra, the capital of Ghana which has become a hub for quality education in Africa to turn the tide.
Originally known as Graduate of Governance and Leadership (GSGL), Accra Business School is the completion of our evolution into a huge global brand.
Driven by a business education philosophy based on a simple formula: Business Education plus Business Growth is equal to Democratic Stability (BE + BG = DS), we have in consultation with industry developed a suite of revolutionary business education programmes including MBA, MSc, PGDBA, BSc and professional qualifications that meet the training needs of the 21st Business Leader and the human capital needs of industry.
We are creating a new breed of Agile Servant Leaders at Accra Business School one person at a time, so why don’t you join us. You can be the next big job creator.
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