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Amid falling consumer confidence in traditional portfolio management, investors are more willing than ever to take the leap into individual investing – with modern technology providing the tools to do so. However, in order to make informed, responsible investment decisions, it’s necessary to understand the investment environment.

The Investment Management online short course from THE MONEY INSTITUTE offers a practical guide to the world of financial investments. The course empowers you with the skills needed to intelligently manage an investment portfolio. Learn to choose the right company, fund, and investment strategy with confidence.

What will set you apart
On completion of this course, you’ll walk away with:
* The confidence to intelligently manage an investment portfolio alongside a financial advisor
* The ability to estimate returns on equity investments and investigate offshore financial investments
* Knowledge of key investment philosophies and constraints, and an understanding of the fundamental principles of pooled investing
* The ability to distinguish between alternative asset classes, financial markets and products, as well as the understanding to make informed investment decisions

Is this course for you?
This course is ideal for anyone interested in investing, but who has no formal knowledge or qualification of the subject. It will also benefit professionals who have a background in finance, but little exposure to investing specifically.
These professionals will gain a greater understanding of investment products, including offshore investments, and asset classes such as cryptocurrencies. Through the course, students will become equipped to consider investments from a global perspective, while working towards their own financial reward.


Duration: 6 weeks || Model: online 

Course curriculum
Gain practical insight into investment management as you work through the weekly modules of this online short course.

* Orientation Module Welcome to your Online Campus
* Module 1 An introduction to investing
* Module 2 The effects of the economy
* Module 3 The share market
* Module 4 Interest bearing investments
* Module 5 Other asset classes and investments
* Module 6 Pooled investing
* Module 7 Offshore investments
* Module 8 Investment philosophies and constraints

FEES:  $150  


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